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A volume of seventeen contemporary stories inspired by fairy tales, myths and nursery rhymes.
The pumpkin had been the first to fruit, and now he set to hacking through its stem with a meat cleaver. Once severed from the vine, he raised the gourd over his head and dashed it on the cobblestone footpath that wound through the garden. It splintered into a dozen crescents and there at its centre, slick with pumpkin meat, was the head of his wife.
PETER PETER (Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater)

Tisbe always felt far prettier than she looked. When she watched other girls — prettier girls —  pass by on the road that led to the village, she counted herself among them. But whenever she stood in front of a mirror, she was surprised that her outsides did not match her insides.

The young gentleman smiled, as though he was relieved to see he had found the right place. The right woman. Then within seconds, he collapsed. Snow caught him instinctively, keeping her finger off the trigger of her revolver. She glanced each way, making sure no one else was in the hallway. Then dragged him inside.
RESISTANCE (Red Rose & Snow White)

From the bestselling authors of Messenger, The Shoemaker: A Tale of Love, Magic & Unnatural Acts and Bluebeard’s Bride.

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The Haunting of Castle Horace (A Bluebeard’s Bride Tale)


Before her appearance in Bluebeard’s Bride, Millicent had an adventure of her own.

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Bluebeard’s Bride

***** Stars
“…with so many twists and surprises one has to read this book in a single sitting.”
InD’Tale Magazine

“Anyone who dabbles with Victorian Literature and admires the work of the Bronte sisters, will enjoy Bluebeard’s Bride.”
Bill Stenson, Editor, Claremont Review


When sisters Margaret and Rosie receive word of their sister Helen’s death, they journey to the isolated Blueford Manor. Seemingly cast in an eternal twilight, the estate proves to be full of mysteries: their niece’s inexplicable illness, housemaids who never stay longer than a season and a thriving bat colony.

As Rosie and Margaret unravel the web of lies surrounding Helen’s death, the sisters become entangled in life at Blueford Manor. So much so, that Rosie decides to stay. Forever.

Unsettled by Rosie’s decision, Margaret suspects Helen’s widower, the formidable Captain Ford, of influencing her sister. But Margaret’s quest for answers is thwarted when Rosie herself disappears within the forbidding walls of Blueford Manor.

As Margaret sets out to unlock the truth, she makes another startling discovery. Adept with a needle and thread, Margaret possesses a dark and unnatural power. Using this newly acquired gift, Margaret must solve her sister’s disappearance and the unanswered questions of Helen’s death, before Rosie, too, is counted among the dead.

A gothic story that pays homage to the novels of the Bronte Sisters, Bluebeard’s Bride is a modern Victorian tale of love, desire and the frailty of the human heart.

Three Short Tales of RED

“Three delicious stories, with a macabre twist.”
J. Nappa, Goodreads


Discover the hunter, the wolf and Red herself as you’ve never known them before — retold by the best-selling authors of Messenger, The Shoemaker: A Tale of Love, Magic & Unnatural Acts and Bluebeard’s Bride.

         A wolf stalks a young girl only to discover they may share a common enemy.

      A police detective must solve the brutal slaying of a young woman’s grandmother.

GIRL IN RED ROBERTA COTTAM     Deep in the woods, a reluctant huntsman encounters a mysterious girl in red.

Mr Tittletattle (A Ferrybone Tale)


Before his appearance in “The Shoemaker,” Mr. Tittletattle had a short adventure of his own. Discover his origins, his connection to the Royal Family, and, of course, how he got those pointed teeth.

The Shoemaker: A Tale of Love, Magic & Unnatural Acts

“…a fascinatingly twisted tale.”
InD’Tale Magazine
Nominated for Best Fantasy Novel of 2013

“…impossible to put down.”


‘Once upon a time’ is how the fairy tales go… but this is no child’s story. Edward Cordwainer is a lonely and disgruntled shoemaker in the remote northern town of Houndstooth. Not satisfied with carving out a meagre living in his father’s profession, Edward is desperate for a better life.

So he enters into an arranged marriage with a wealthy merchant’s daughter. But upon meeting Anastasia, his bride, her scarred face repels him. As his wedding fails to lead to luxury and love, he succumbs to an erotic encounter with a mysterious woman, resulting in a magical bargain to become the most famous man in all the kingdom.

As the magic takes hold, Edward does indeed become wealthy and well-known, not to mention the latest plaything of the Princess Ambrosia, who gets anything —and anyone — she desires.

But magic is a tricky business, for it demands balance. Sure enough, Edward discovers that his invocation is not without cost. As Edward’s star rises, darkness begins to envelop Houndstooth and all its inhabitants as the women of the town start to disappear.

Are the missing women connected to the magic? Or is some other dark force at play? As events unfold, Edward’s one simple wish ultimately threatens to destroy his world.

Blending romance, horror, and gothic suspense, The Shoemaker is a fairy tale retelling about love, honour and the darkest desires of the human soul.

This novel is for mature readers.