The Runway


When I sit down to write, I often experience something I once called resistance. However, I’ve come to realize that word no longer applies.

For I don’t believe writing is a struggle (yes it’s work and requires effort. But a struggle? Something that involves resistance? Absolutely not).

However, now that I’m working on my second novel, I am trying to decipher what is actually happening when I experience that feeling of ‘resistance’.

A couple of years ago, I went to a conference in Scotland (Findhorn to be precise; one of the most beautiful places on earth), to hear Caroline Myss speak. She talked about how each one of us has a “runway.” Some people’s runways are short, some are long. She spoke how she needed at least an hour each morning to herself before she spoke to another human being. In that time she would meditate, make her coffee, read the paper. Only, once she completed that ritual, was she ready to engage with the world. That was her runway.

I have a runway when it comes to writing. Before I can begin, I have to make tea. While waiting for the water to boil, I putter. I may wash dishes or fold laundry or clean a bathroom. When the tea is made, I carry it to the office and pour myself a cup. I’ll then check emails, a little Facebook or Pinterest. At this point, my cat usually presents himself and demands attention. In total it’s probably a 45 minute or hour long ritual.

It’s my runway. The time I use to transition from this world of bills, responsibilities and deadlines to a world of creation, magic and adventure. It’s the time I take to transform from the world of now to the world of writing.

It’s about transformation, not resistance.

And as for the tea? About half the time it is never touched. But for now, it is an essential part of me taking flight.


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