The Myth of the Lonely Writer

Last night I went to dinner with three amazing writers, Kate TremillsNatasza Waters and Roberta Cottam.

Natasza’s passion for the indie-publishing universe is deeply inspiring.  She describes it as being like a ladder and that when you spy someone on the rung below, you reach down and pull them up.

This attitude is the complete antithesis of what I have experienced in other writing industries. And it is so refreshing to know writers who believe cooperation, and not competition, can be the standard for success. Part of my journey, since publishing last fall, has been to discover I want to be a part of something greater than myself, a tribe of writers or creatives who work together mentoring and supporting one another.DSCN8038

Writers no longer have to be solitary creatures that live in a vacuum. And we certainly don’t have to elbow one another out of the way in order to find success. Instead, we can create communities where we all work together, helping each other to achieve our dreams.

My best friend and I have a commitment to write together at least once a month. We have even organized retreats where we rent a beautiful cabin on B.C.’s glorious Sunshine Coast and write for the weekend. I find I accomplish more words per minute when I am writing in the company of someone else, than when I go it alone.

So be bold, be brave and build your tribe.

And in closing… some inspiring words from Natasza… “Keep writing, you’re impacting the world one sentence at a time.”

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