Kindling, 5 Days of Fire

Firestarter_Sessions_Softcover_420x400_v2I absolutely adore Danielle Laporte.

Her book The Fire Starter Sessions came into my life at a very influential time, when I was looking to take action in my creative life. Danielle recently wrote a blog post titled “5 Lessons I Burned into My Soul While Creating The Fire Starter Sessions.”

I thought it would be fun to look at each of these lessons and see how they can apply to a creative life.


The First Lesson:

“Create No Matter What is Going on Around You.”

Creativity makes us happy, makes us human. And we create all the time. We bake cookies, plan holidays, make babies. All of these things are creative acts.

When we don’t create, that energy often turns destructive. It can lead to self-loathing, depression, even riots.

My sister Roberta likes to say that she “designs book plates, fashion plates and dinner plates.” She is the one person I know who is most definitely all creative, all the time.

Writing is where I am most creatively happy. But photography takes a close second. And I never turn down a baking challenge if a cake looks tasty enough.

So find the thing that makes your creativity soar. And stick with it, regardless of your circumstances. Even 5 minutes a day tending your creative fire can soothe the soul…

To not create, is simply unthinkable.

To Read more from Danielle or to read her Blog Post on the 5 Lessons click here.

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