Stoking the Flame, 5 Days of Fire

Part 3 of reflections on Danielle LaPorte’s recent blog post titled “5 Lessons I Burned into My Soul While Creating The Fire Starter Sessions.”

The Third Lesson:

fss5x“Begin with the end in mind”

What do you want from your creativity? In terms of writing, do you want to be a best selling author? Or do you want to write simply as a hobby? Do you want to undertake traditional publishing? Or independent?

Like Danielle, I chose my path because I wanted total creative freedom. Whether that applied to my story, my cover, my title or my characters. I had spent too many years compromising my creative spirit for the sake of other people’s vision.  When I turned my focus to writing books, I was determined not to make this same mistake.

It’s very important to me to grow my stories from seed to fruition without sacrificing creatively. That’s what I want for my writing. For my career. For my life.

So be clear about your vision, your values, your goals. Hold tight to them, for there is freedom there.

To Read more from Danielle or to read her Blog Post on the 5 Lessons click here.

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