Lighting the Match, 5 Days of Fire

Part 2 of reflections on Danielle LaPorte’s recent blog post titled “5 Lessons I Burned into My Soul While Creating The Fire Starter Sessions.”

The Second Lesson:

“Deadlines are Fire”

It’s important to have goals and play full out to meet them. This doesn’t mean you have to hit each and every deadline. As long as you play hard and aim high, you’ve succeeded. Playing a big game means we will often fail. But at least we are taking action, making choices, living a remarkable life. Goals provide the fuel that propel us to action.

The other important element in establishing a goal, is being your word. It is with language that we create our world. If I say I am a writer, I better have the evidence to back that up. And that means, I also give my word to a scheduled writing plan, to tending my creativity, to connecting with my readers.fss2

As  I was saying goodbye to screenwriting and hello to novels, I decided I would pursue novel writing in a very different manner. No more would I sacrifice my family, home, hobbies to pursue my writing. If I was going to be a novelist, my life would still need to be fulfilling in other areas. I gave my word on this point. No more would I be a struggling, starving artist.

And I kept it.

Within the year, I had traveled to Kenya and Tanzania, with Ireland & Scotland following shortly thereafter.

I remember standing on the edge of Findhorn beach the night I arrived in Scotland, staring out an expansive ocean and knowing if I had to turn around and go home right then, I would still be happy. For I had given my word to creating a more fulfilling life for myself, and I had kept it.

So set yourself a goal, follow your heart, and keep your word. For only you can create your life.

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