Write. Publish. Repeat.

Write. Publish. Repeat. by Sean Platt & Johnny B. Truant (with David Wright)

I first discovered Sean, Johnny & Dave when I registered for IndieRecon 2014 and watched their podcast of the same title. Immediately afterward I bought Write. Publish. Repeat. and have made it a daily touchstone ever since.

The content of this book is unbelievably comprehensive and extensive. Their generosity is expansive and they share everything they have ever learned on both being writers and indie-publishers.



There are no shortcuts, magic elixirs or get rich quick schemes here; it’s exactly as their title says — if you have the courage and faith to embark on a program of: write, publish, repeat — your successes and failures rest entirely in your hands. And that is a truly empowering vision.

You need no other book on the subject of indie-publishing than this one. It truly is the Bible of self-publishing.



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